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Queso Cabeza Farm

... specializing in heavy wool, gentle temperament llamas and polled Icelandic sheep
Queso Cabeza Farm

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Our llamas for sale are under their specific class - Dams, Sires, juvenile Females or juvenile Males.

Make sure to view our PDF files regarding llama care and maintenance.  We have quite a few documents compiled on our Info page to assist the first-time buyer and seasoned llama owner with basic llama care.

Our Fiber page has information about the different raw and processed fiber we offer.

Can't find the llama  information you need?  Drop us a line using our Contact page and we'll try to find it for you.

Laura with Leeh and her Lambs

Welcome to Queso Cabeza Farm!


Llama items for sale on our llama products page. These specific llama items for sale have helped us in preparing and caring for our llama herd.


Kelly's Lamb Napping on a Rock

Sally naps on a rock . . . she had a lamb of her own this spring!


Browse the lamb page for your next flock addition!

Lots of ram lambs with flock sire potential.


Contact us to inquire about adult ewes for sale. 


We strive to help you find the right sheep for your flock!


All sheep purchases include endless after-sale support, for your sanity and the health and happiness of your sheep.


Free Delivery to Michigan Fiber Fest or Wisconsin Sheep & Wool.


Availability of starter flocks is limited - act fast!


Roving & Raw Fleece Available


Our supply of fleeces and rovings changes constantlly.  If you are looking for a particular color or special blend, let us know and if we don't have it, we can have it produced for you!


Our herd and flock come in black, white, grey, and an endless variety of browns.

Quilters: Batts Just for YOU!

If you want to make a beautiful, heirloom quilt that will be the warmest you've ever slept under, consider a 100% Icelandic sheep's wool quilt or comforter batt.  The wool was lovingly raised in Michigan, and processed by a Michigan cottage industry with three generations' experience.

These batts will provide years of wear and comfort!

Have Questions?

E-Mail Rick or Laura at Llamas@QuesoCabezaFarm.com

Click for Olivet, Michigan Forecast
Click for Olivet, Michigan Forecast